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Monday, July 22, 2013 Tracker - Lear username and ip from anon ask!

How it's started?
I was receiving hate on from stupid people, and I got sick of people constantly
sending hate to me, so I decided to try and find a anonymous question tracker.

How I created this tool?
I looked everywhere for a something like this but there is nothing these software in internet!
Everybody I asked said it was impossible, but I didn't give up! I decided to make my own application! I learned programming for a few years in school, so I was experienced enough to do it and my friend know a lot about breaking security. With him we hit security and finished this program!

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4. And finally you can download it below

5. Enjoy!

Watch how it work live:

Why survey?

Please respect that it takes time and money to run this tracker and provide them for free If you cannot complete the survey ask a friend to to help you out.